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documentary? where's the media outrage there? would they be sigh leapt if the table was turned with a different documentary with a different point of view? >> we've heard it before. dealing with disgusting conditions and an absentee landlord. listen. >> yeah. >> they don't care. like the floor, the floor three times already. they don't do anything. >> turns out this landlord is one of the most controversial men in new york city, the imam behind the ground zero mosque and i got a special look inside. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning, everyone. it's thursday and we have "money rocks" guy eric bolling sitting in for steve doocy today. >> ♪ money rocks >> is that music? >> i believe that's -- >> ♪ money rocks >> ♪ money rocks >> not really. but i could do the opening for your show as well. we have to talk about this hurricane, guys, because it's named earl and it's now a cat 4 storm. it's barrelling towards the eastern seaboard, 140-mile-per-hour winds, state of emergency already in work in north carolina, maryland and virginia.
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plus a tropical storm warning just issued for long island, new york. the storm expected to reach north carolina tonight and then head up the east coast. take a look at this picture of earl taken by nasa from the international space station. we will have a live report from north carolina and a full forecast with janice dean, the weather machine, that's all coming up during the show. >> finally the space station is paying off. >> by the way, that's a well defined storm. those things are dangerous. the surfers are out there. they shouldn't be. >> i know. you tell them. less than four hours from now, palestinian president mahmoud abbas and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will meet face to face for peace talks in washington, beginning of a year long process. doug lazader joins us from washington, d.c. what kind of start did we get off to yesterday? is there any peace yet? >> well, there's peace at the white house. there will be peace around the table today, let's hope anyway. these talks are going to last a few hours.
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everyone at this point seems to be saying the right things but the details are where this process typically begins to fall apart. now, all of the major players did gather last night peacefully at the white house for this dinner. they're starting the gathering standing side by side. you see the president walking up to the podium. president obama was flanked by all the key players in mideast peace calling for the israeli and palestinian leaders to set aside their differences. >> we must ask, do we have the wisdom and the courage to walk the path of peace? >> well, the answer is not so easy. especially in the wake of two attacks this week on israelis carried out by hamas. still, the process moves forward with the goal of creating a palestinian state. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu called palestinian president abbas his partner in peace yesterday. abbas says that no effort will be spared in his words and there's an urgency here with israel prepared to ramp up the construction of controversial settlements later this year but for the all promises, skeptics
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say they have seen this all before. >> i just don't see that the conditions are right. diplomacy can only bridge differences that are bridgeable and i think the differences at this point between israel and the palestinians are just far too broad for this to succeed. >> well, no one is expecting any kind of big resolution today necessarily but the white house hopes that these talks will lead to more down the road with a major agreement, perhaps, in a year's time. we'll see. gretchen, brian, and eric, back to you guys. >> all right. doug, thanks very much for that update. we have a fox news alert. nato says two u.s. service members were killed today in afghanistan. they died in separate bombings. they killed a taliban commander by a prescription air strike near the pakistan border. the commander was a specialist in smuggling arms and foreign fighters into the country. sickened ground zero workers will not have to pay a big chunk of their lawyer expenses. two law fifrrms have agreed noto
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seek reimbursements. they have until november 8th to accept that deal. country stars came out in force to help the victims of the flood disaster in tennessee. >> ♪ my heart i want it back starting to see everything you lack boy you blew it you put me through it i wanna undo it ♪ >> one of the stars raising money for charity at the cma music festival. tim mcgraw hosted the event. half of the proceeds will go to the flood relief. >> she just got married, too, to some hockey player? >> she did. let's hope they don't have to have another one of those big deals of the hurricane that's on us. >> big story yesterday afternoon was the hostage crisis. when you have a format, something like this happens in breaking news. i heard shepard smith trying to figure out what was happening. we understand and we know for sure, that man decided he had one thing he could do to save the planet and get his point across and that's take over the
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discovery channel building in maryland. >> are you talking about james lee, a man who was from san diego, california, he had had a sordid past with the discovery channel. he apparently set up a big protest there in 2008. he was actually in jail for a short period of time for violating, i believe, efforts to keep him away from this property so the people at discovery knew who he was. here's the thing, he apparently became some sort of an environmentalist junkie after he watched former vice president's movie "inconvenient truth." al gore's movie, he became a radical environmentalist. but that is not necessarily how all the news media are talking about this gentleman today. >> you look at some of the things he was demanding of the discovery channel. one of them tlc must stop encouraging the birth of anymore parasitic human infants. the guy was nuts. >> the question is did he become nuts watching the movie and it's amazing he didn't shoot himself during the movie instead of during this. >> if somebody said hey, i'm
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worshipping some conservative icon and let's say they were a fan of a major republican player, would that be played up all across the span of the media from the blogs to the newspapers on down? instead, you see -- if you read this story even though this was a -- he claims it was for this nut job claims his foundation for going off the reservation al gore's movie, they see -- there seems to be an effort to push that linkage down and away. >> yeah, we've seen so much about the tea party movement. they've been slammed as racist and nutso people when lots of people are just grandmothers and moms out there. but that would be interesting to see how that would have had, you know, a different take if somebody had taken over the discovery channel and been associated with the tea party. >> you're right. tea party gets blamed for about everything they can possibly be blamed for even though when they have absolutely nothing to do with it. there was a guy from carrie, a
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spokesman for the islamic group who said, you know, the tea party is part of this perfect storm against islam right now and it was like what? what? how do you equate tea party of now with the islamaphobia. anyway, gets blamed for a lot. >> speaking of that, you got an inside look into this imam we've been talking about who wants to build the mosque at ground zero here in new york city. there he is. apparently, he owns some apartment buildings in new york city and now there are accusations that he could be a slumlord. what did you find out? >> walked up, found the location. walked up to the window and that -- the imam owns that building right there. they invited me inside. look, that's a hole in the ceiling. it's been leaking for 16 years. they asked the landlord to fix it and he said he didn't have enough money to fix it. meanwhile, this guy is the same guy who wants to put up $100 million mosque in new york city and by the way, is using new york city's stamp of approval to get tax-free status on raising the money so in other words,
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taxpayers of new york are going to help build that mosque downtown new york city. meanwhile, this guy, look at it. this is terrible living conditions right across the river in union city, new jersey. >> so the tenants have come out and they've said, you know, nothing ever gets fixed. daisy shows up sometimes and writes some stuff down and nothing ever happens. daisy, of course, is the wife of the imam, the imam was traveling around for the state department spreading the word on how great america is, she was the spokesperson who came out a couple of weeks ago on all the sunday shows. daisy khan. she shows up and nothing gets done. next thing you know, he combines with this investor and through soho properties goes ahead and buys this building two blocks from ground zero. meanwhile, there's something else that's a little strange that comes out today that you just alluded to. it turns out this imam rauf is getting the beneficiary of church tax-free status for a one bedroom apartment. in it, he claims that 500 people worship there on a regular basis. that means no taxes. no scrutiny.
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>> and why is that important now? i mean, other than he probably used this i.r. s. law to his advantage to not have to pay taxes. when in fact there's an 800 foot apartment. no way anyone was worshipping anything in this place. why does it matter today? so much has been made about who is going to pay for this mosque at ground zero and a lot of people have come out and said we don't care where that money comes from. do you care now if you find out that you can get church status for a building and never have to disclose where the money came from or never have to pay taxes on it? >> let me take it one step further. besides new york city and state helping them raise money through the bond issuance, that will now -- this ground zero mosque will now be a tax free, city will collect zero taxes on that. if you put $100 million business in that same spot, almost $5 million in taxes. they're foregoing that for this. you've tracked the money, that's all we do. you've followed the money. this guy has a shady past.
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you wouldn't know that if you listen to mainstream media. mainstream media is making him out to be a very moderate muslim. >> you know what? i think in this case, it's where most of the media has come around to saying, you know, you can do it but by why are you doing it? mayor bloomberg staunchly standing behind this imam doesn't even want an investigation into the background. here's a guy who wants every dollar for new york city, someone who has church status where he's abating taxes for new york city that can be helping out his balance sheet and he's not interested in investigating. >> i think the mayor actually said he wasn't interested in investigating the funding for the mosque, right? that's another step in another direction. >> that guy defaulted on $2 million from the state of new jersey on those properties over there and the same people who allowed those loans, signed off on those lines are in line to say go ahead,uild them at ground zero. >> could this be one of the main issues? obviously jobs and number one, the debt in all polls showns number 2. uld this be in the back of minds of voters when they go to the poll? well, you've had -- we've had
6:11 am
larry sabadeau, he's given other political predictions. now his crystal ball is saying this. he says the house is going to wrap up like this, brian. >> here he goes. if you're a republican, you want to win 19 seats and kick nancy pelosi down to minority status. he thinks right now, his crystal ball says 47 seats go to the g.o.p. in the senate 8 to 9. they need 10 to get the power back. the governorship, the g.o.p. stands to pick up eight -- move into eight different governors' mansions. >> right. >> that's amazing. >> it's out the incumbent fever going on right now so you may see a control switch in both. dick morris says both the house and senate will go. >> we'll be discussing this with newt gingrich coming up later in the show. could there be an expectation level that's hard to reach, then? if you start hearing all this news, before people go to the polls, could it be, then, that people say i really won't go
6:12 am
vote because it's already a foregone conclusion. >> how about this? if you're a democrat and it isn't quite that bad, you lose the dominant majorities but still hold on to the majority in the senate or you barely -- the republicans barely get control of the house. they say wow, what a comeback we made in the fall. maybe things aren't going to be that bad. >> right. so many ways to look at it, right? we have a packed show for you today. coming up, billboards paid for by the u.s. supporting palestinians? is it israel the ally? how will this go over in this morning's peace talks? that story is coming up next. >> take a look at this. while driving while sleepy is not a good idea. and more from last night's cma festival and taylor swift. >> ♪ you put your arm around me for the first time ♪ vegetables have important vitamins and minerals
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>> hamas is vowing this morning to continue attacks in the west bank as leaders from the middle east attempt to meet now with president obama in washington. yesterday, the terrorist group or on tuesday, i believe, murdered four israelis. >> but the talks went on. so will politicians actually be able to make any progress towards peace if violence continues to escalate? joining us right now is yigal palmer, spokesperson for israeli ministry, public affairs. he's traveled with netanyahu to washingt, d.c. he's the prime minister, of course, for the peace summit with the palestinian officials. thanks for joining us and let me ask you -- is there a sense of optimism or anxiousness on the side of the israelis? >> i have to say it's more on the optimistic side. very cautiously because there's so many obstacles, so many dangers but we choose to be cautiously optimistic and we think there is a chance here to
6:17 am
go ahead. look, if there is a real will on the palestinian side, we can reach an agreement within a year. >> but the two sides are so far apart. are they not? and with the discussion of hamas, i mean, how does that factor into the discussions or is it something that nobody wants to talk about? >> look, we are far apart. that's why we are here, to talk about our differences and try to bridge them. we have come in good faith with good will and i hope that if the palestinians are doing the same, then we may be able to bridge the gaps within a year. hamas is something everybody talks about, it's hard to ignore a terror group that has dedicated itself to sowing death and terror for so many years. they are in an open war against israel, against the palestinian authority, against egypt and they've struck again two days ago. we know they are there. and they control gaza. we will try to sort the differences and then when there is an agreement, it will take a
6:18 am
lot of time to implement, obviously. >> prime minister netanyahu said very succinctly, he said we leave gaza, we get terror. we leave lebanon. we get terror. what makes anyone think that if you leave the west bank, you're not going to get terror. >> you're absolutely right. that's a huge question. that's why we're here to talk to the palestinians. we'll need very solid security guarantees before we can envision any peace agreement that will include territorial concessions, peace is of the upmost importance and the recent attack has just shown this. without clear security guarantees, there will be no peace treaty and i think everybody understands that. >> i want to get your thoughts on this because apparently, washington, d.c. is funding now this ad campaign in israel that features billboards of palestinian officials asking we are partners, what about you? what is the israeli reaction to
6:19 am
the fact that washington may be funding the palestinians? >> yes, that is a bit odd, isn't it? i believe -- i mean, i'm not speaking for the agency who funded these billboards. i mean, you should ask them but i believe that they thought they were funding an ngo that was promoting peace in general. now it turns out that this ngo was promoting the interests of one government with israeli -- with israeli opinion. they're promoting the palestinian government. that's very strange indeed. i don't know. i mean, there's a lot of confusion here and somebody should clarify this. >> it would help. you did your best. thanks so much for joining us. day one, 364 days left. let's see if we can get it done. thanks. >> all right. well, when it comes to campaign ads, the mantra is go big, go negative or go home. we will show you the newest round of ads and whether or not they're effective. >> then it's not always the guy starting trouble.
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>> glad you're up. today, fed chairman ben bernanke also up. he'll go before a panel investigating the financial crisis. this will not be easy for him. he'll give his take on the meltdown and views on potential risks that large institutions pose and today, engineers don't expect to see another gusher when they remove a cap on that blown out b.p. oil well in the gulf. government isn't guaranteeing no more oil will leak out. removal of this cap is the prelude to raising a huge blowout preventer that failed to prevent the worst off shore oil spill in u.s. history. eric, gretch?
6:24 am
>> some new campaign ads are rolling out for the labor day weekend. what's the secret to success in getting the message across to voters? >> let's ask jordan lieberman because he's the vice president of the campaign grid and former publisher of "campaign and elections" magazine. good morning to you. what the heck is that noise? >> doing some construction. >> i take it that's not anyone's ad because that would be a downer. >> that's right. >> let's take a look at meg whitman's ad, she's running for governor out in california. let's watch. >> you could tell even back in early 1999 when e bay was a small company that meg knew what she was doing. >> she had this ability to come to a very confusing situation, take a look and figure out what the right thing to do is. >> there was no playing things loose or close to the edge. we were going to do things the right way because ultimately, that's the way you build a company to last. >> she was always asking us to
6:25 am
be as efficient as possible, to be as frugal as possible. >> she gets in at the heart of the issue and bring people together to resolve the problem. she's a problem solver. >> she listens to people around her and she will seek different and often conflicting points of view. >> she makes people feel heard and makes them feel valued but ultimately, she's looking to make the right decision. >> all right. so do you like this one? i didn't hear a lot of negativity against jerry browne in that one. >> you wouldn't see negativity. right now in the labor daytime frame, you're going to see a lot of introductory buy graphical ads. creating a warm, hospitalable feeling for meg whitman. you'll see that again in the final week of the campaign. in between, you'll see negative ads no doubt. this is telling the story about meg whitman being a leader, somebody who can fix something that's broken, broken reformer. >> let me interrupt you. when you say go big, is it go big in how hey, wow, that's really a biographical piece on it or go big because it's
6:26 am
somebody's money spent on the ad. >> don't forget, it's california. ads are expensive. i'm talking about the production value. it's a well done and expensive ad to produce. that ad costs tens of thousands of dollars to produce. not just a quickie you're doing one night. >> she spent more than anybody else did right now. she has the cash $54 million. let's take a look. there's that noise again. let's take a look at how she's doing in the race and whether or not that's effective. she's ahead of jerry browne 48% to 40%. 6% of the voters in california not sure. let's move to pennsylvania where we have jason altmeyer, a democrat right there. let's watch the ad. >> too many people in congress vote the party line. >> he's not like that. >> jason is independent. no doubt about it. >> when he voted against health care. >> when jason opposed the wall street bailout. >> i like that he's not afraid to stand up for the president. >> and nancy pelosi. >> fights for folks here like helping our veterans get the treatment they need. >> looking out for our jobs. >> and making sure the border fence is made here, not china.
6:27 am
>> bottom line, jason altmire does what the people want here. >> i approved this message. >> let me ask you, that's considered a negative but to me, he's a democrat. it looks like it's more, i don't know, moving towards the center, he's saying he voted against health care. doesn't seem negative. it just seems trying to get to the middle of the aisle. >> you have to understand pennsylvania's fourth district is southwest pennsylvania is heavily white. working class. anti-obama in the strongest sense. this is a place that john mccain did exceptionally well. a place that john mccain did better than george w. bush and it's because of who he was running against. best part about that -- >> what is the best part? >> best part, of course, is he's talking about steel being made here for the border fence. that's the only place in the world you'll see that kind of mention. >> very interesting. all right, let's take a look at the ron johnson ad, i believe this is out of wisconsin. >> introducing the ron johnson family. >> he's a really super dad. >> he's a great role model.
6:28 am
>> he's worked extremely hard all his life. >> a wonderful husband for 33 years. >> that's enough. obviously, i'm not a professional politician. and they're not professional actors. we're just a wisconsin family worried about our country. i'm ron johnson and i approved this message. because it's time to get our nation's house in order. >> all right. i got to say i like this. >> that's a good one. >> kind of opposite of what you see in california. i think the best way to describe this, you have to look at another quirky, goofy campaign in 1992 from russ feingold that ran kind of a quiet campaign in the same way. he did pretty well. this is kind of wisconsin talking. >> before we let you go, did you see the young guns ad that the g.o.p. put out? i have to point at it. it's actually -- i'm trying to figure out, are they serious or just poking fun at themselves? >> i don't know. i think a little of both. poking fun at yourself right now
6:29 am
is probably the name of the game in looking -- trying to show, you know, you're a human being is important. >> yeah and by the way, ron johnson running against russ feingold so interesting he showed his way of doing it. polls show them in a dead heat. thanks for being our guest today and could you do something about that construction when you leave? >> i'll do that. >> i thought i read the prompter like the way i do. >> yeah? you're selling yourself short buddy. >> thank you very much. the president already declaring a state of emergency for north carolina as hurricane earl steams towards the state. janice dean is tracking the storm for us and she's next. >> talk about a wake-up call. take a look at this video of the dangers of driving while, wow, while sleepy and another shocking piece of video. marlins pound the nationals in more ways than one. look at this. wow! >> whoa! >> first, happy birthday to keanu reeves. he's 46 today. ♪
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>> fox news alert now, we have a fox news weather alert. hurricane earl now a cat 4 storm barrelling towards the eastern seaboard. 140-mile-per-hour winds. maybe 145. just hours ago, a tropical storm warning issued for long island, new york. brian, you're going to get out just in time and state of emergency already in place in maryland, virginia and north carolina where evacuations are already under way and our own
6:34 am
craig boswell live for us in the outer banks of north carolina with the latest. all right, craig. by all reports, you are going to be in the heart of the matter there. what are the people down there fearing right now? >> certainly. and good morning to you, gretchen. they're taking it serious no doubt. while the brunt of the storm is expected to remain off the coast, we're going to get pretty serious here. tropical storm force winds here this afternoon. the worst part of the storm in around 6:00 p.m. and between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. in the morning. we're expecting here possibly 10 to 15 breaking waves, two to four foot storm surge. couple of three to four inches of rain, too, on top of that and that's the issue here along the outer banks as many of these barrier islands will flood. there's only one way in and one way out. on hatteras island, local officials decided to evacuate all 30,000 visitors and residents. i talked to a couple staying in this hotel that were evacuated, they're not even staying here. they're moving up to a couple of hours inland.
6:35 am
not deciding to chance it along those lines. local emergency management officials are meeting right now here to determine if there will be any other evacuations. already evacuated the island yesterday morning. about 5,000 visitors will. that's only accessible by ferry so we're continuing to watch this. expecting we're getting breezy now but expecting weather conditions to deteriorate as the day goes on. >> craig boswell live for us in north carolina. thanks very much. >> it's amazing. they say go ahead and evacuate. i can't get out. it's traffic. the traffic was so thick yesterday, they basically were told get out anyway and just wait. >> at least they're getting enough warning that no one can say they haven't been warned. >> absolutely. >> let's check in with janice dean. she is tracking this storm for us from our severe weather center or extreme. hey, janice. where is this storm going to go? >> it's going to hug the coast and it's going to be too close to call yet again, gretchen. every track that comes in, every tropical storm model helps us with our forecasting. the one thing i can tell you as
6:36 am
of the 5:00 advisory, we are up to 145-mile-per-hour winds. this is a strong category 4 storm. we're going to see fluctuations in the strength of this storm but the bottom line is a major hurricane coming very close to the outer banks and even closer as well to cape cod and the islands. to that's what we know right now as we've been mentioning, this, you know, this storm if it wobbles a little bit more to the left, it's going to mean the difference from a bad storm to a possible extremely life threatening storm. just want to real quick, this is fiona. not worried about fiona. gaston formed yesterday. we'll be watching gaston. there's a chance that gaston could make a beeline for the gulf of mexico next week. so we got a lot of tropical stuff to talk about. there's earl right now. again, we'll see some fluctuations in strength but bottom line is we're dealing with a category 4 storm. 145-mile-per-hour sustained winds. as it approaches the coast,
6:37 am
still a cat 4 on top of or near cape hatteras. as we go further out in time, long island as well as cape cod and the islands, again, this could be a very dangerous and possibly a historical storm if this storm makes landfall or comes close to it because the northeast is just not used to strong hurricanes like this. back to you. >> all right, janice, thanks very much. we'll continue to check in with you throughout the rest of the show. >> all right. and, of course, janice, by wednesday or thursday, we'll be able to figure this out. we're at thursday. still tough to figure out. here's the headlines. another round of jobless claims coming out this morning at 8:30 eastern time and analysts predict there will be 475,000 new unemployment claims. that would be a slight jump from last week. ahead of those numbers in foreign stocks, tokyo stocks were up 135 points and london is down for -- i feel like eric is judging me, by the way, when i'm reading this. and dow futures are down 17 points after closing up more than 250. ok, go ahead. try to match that. >> that was a great job. >> thank you very much. >> i'll try.
6:38 am
the rally on the steps of new york city hall in support of the mosque in ground zero was sponsored by the islamic leadership council, a group of 55 different organizations. and democratic new york congressman charlie rangel was there. >> any politician that takes advantage of this problem that people may have of convenience or lack of it should be ashamed and i stand with the mayor, the governor in saying that this isn't a problem for muslims. this is a problem for america in doing the right thing and respecting our constitution. >> new york's mayor and the governor both say the constitutional guarantee of religious freedom trumps everything else when it comes to building the mosque. eric? >> terrifying look at the dangers of driving while sleeping or sleepy. police say the woman behind the wheel of this s.u.v. fell asleep and plowed into this country store in westfield, massachusetts. she was not seriously hurt. her daughter who was also in the car was not injured. the store owner and his wife had
6:39 am
just locked up for the night. >> that's amazing. >> that is -- that's -- thank god no one is hurt. >> very, very lucky in that situation. all right. let's go over to brian with a little bit of some action from the mlb. >> i love baseball brawls. >> on more collisions, more violence. another night, another huge brawl in major league baseball to make eric happy. let's go to miami where the marlins will throw a pitch behind the nationals morgan. they're trying to send a message because he stole the base late in the game with a big lead. didn't like that very much. this is a real baseball fight, am i right? gabby sanchez, you'll see these guys. look at this. he ducks the punch. he hits inside and then over comes the first baseman. all are ejected. managers had to be separated. the marlins go on to win this wild one 16-10. of course, a lot of empty seats. >> he won the fight, brian. >> that's true. let's talk tennis. a huge upset at the u.s. open. former champ andy roddick bounced out of the second round and loses to a player from
6:40 am
serbia. the good news for andy, he gets to go home to brooklyn decker. that's it. congratulations. speaking of hot, the 98 degree heat in new york looked like it claimed the first victim of the tournament. 10th seeded victoria collapsed and had to be taken to the hospital. it was later determined she had a previous head injury and that was to blame. how do you play tennis with a previous head injury? >> either that or she was losing the match from the heat overcame her. >> that's what stuart varney would do. i'm losing, let's pass out again. >> i don't know how to respond to that. >> i do play tennis. i don't pass out. >> let's talk about -- instead of talking about tennis with stu varney even though he plays every day, let's talk about auto sales because they are set to, unfortunately, hit a 28 year low as new car purchases plummet from last year. remember why. we know why that happened, right? cash for clunkers! the unions are asking congress
6:41 am
for more of your money now. stu varney is here. fox news alert, duh, of course auto sales are going to go down after cash for clunkers last year which was basically a giveaway. >> sales way down in august, compared to august of last year when we had cash for clunkers that stole sales from the future. >> melted down the old cars into scrap. >> right. but look, you can't deny it. this is a lousy situation for the car market. i mean, we are at historic lows. we're only going to send 10, maybe 11 million vehicles in america. in a good year, we would sell 18 million, 17 million, we're way down. it's a symbol of the economy which is in a tailspin like it or not. >> not only were they down vs. last year, they were down vs. last month which is a sign that the economy is slowing. stuart, the chevy volt, a lot of people -- it's coming out, i guess, by the end of next month, is that right? >> you want my opinion on the chevy volt? $41,000 worth of subsidized
6:42 am
electric car that will seat all of four people and will have a whopping great big drive train right trough the middle of the thing so there's no bench seats compared to a leaf from japan which is significantly cheaper and which is all together supposedly a better car. >> you want to talk about the leaf and the volt today? >> how much of that money -- how much of that $41,000 for the chevy volt is because you have to pay the unions so much money? >> well, you brought up the unions. we talked about car sales. we talked about the tailspin economy. what do we want to do about this tailspining economy and the car market? well, the unions and the left want a big, new stimulus plan. we have kristina roma, her parting shot yesterday. she's leaving the white house. she calls for a big, new stimulus plan. paul krugman and "the new york times", big new stimulus plan. let's spend more government money because the economy is spiralling down. huge dilemma for the president. he's got an election in 60 days.
6:43 am
what can he do? the voters will not stand for more stimulus. the democrats don't particularly want it but the left wants it. there's a real -- >> that's why your show is so successful. you'll tackle those issues and more. varney & company on the fox business network at 9:20 eastern time. have we made up? >> correct. i still play tennis almost every day but i don't pass out. i do lose, houwever. >> coming up, michael douglas. more shocking, he says it was caused by drinking? is that possible? our medical a team will explain. >> because he used to be a big smoker. >> yeah, i'm sure it has nothing to do with the smoking. just the drinking. traveling for labor day means getting stuck in traffic. you can blame thstimulus for the backup. first, the quote of the day -- nightte nasal congestion meant, i couldn't breathe right.
6:44 am
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6:47 am
>> usual labor day traffic is expected to be heavier thanks to stimulus projects. there are more than 12,000 road construction projects under way right now and a whole lot of signs to talk about it. talk about a header. watch this. a woman's college soccer match gets ugly. it's oregon vs. oklahoma state and the girls are going at it. i guess the ladies because they're in college. the referee immediately gives both of them red cards. go home, sit on the bench and think about what you did. it's a time-out soccer style. let's learn something about medicine. >> call me dr. carlson. thankfully there's three other doctors on the couch right now. actor michael douglas has completed his first round of radiation and chemo for stage 4 throat cancer. he now says the cancer remains above his neck and has not spread. that's a good sign. what should the 65-year-old actor expect in the weeks to come? medical a team is here with their analysis. doctors manny alvarez, welcome to all of you.
6:48 am
we've been having an interesting debate about this. people can get throat cancer from smoking. michael douglas, former smoker. this new report comes out and says 85% of all head and neck cancers are caught by smoking and heavy drinking. >> 100 times more likely to get throat cancer if you're a heavy smoker and drinker than not. that's staggering. plus a high risk of h.p.v. virus that's becoming more and more common. that by the way would improve his prognosis so if he gets treated with chemo and radiation and it's above the neck only and hasn't spread below, his chances are pretty good. even 80% good if he had h.p.v. virus. smoking and drinking is bad but he can do pretty well. with h.p.v., even better. i want to point out by the way, it's an incredible message of courage and hope he's coming out on tv, talking about this now. it's given a lot of hope to cancer sufferers all over the world. >> right. but how does the drinking factor into this, dr. kumer? why? >> drinking actually causes changes in your vascular system
6:49 am
as well. you get a lot of inflammatory changes. along with smoking that irritates the airway canals so the throat, down to the trachea, the drinking magnifies that as well. so that's out combination of the two can actually make -- more likely you can end up with throat cancer. >> lot of people at home, dr. manny are listening to this and saying michael douglas, he has money and power and goes to the doctor and they say he's fine and all of a sudden, he has stage 4 cancer. how was it missed? was it not? >> i don't think it was missed. a lot of the symptoms of throat cancer is a sore throat. everybody gets a sore throat. they didn't see anything. they did a biopsy and once you get a certain volume of cancer that has invaded the tissue, that's when the diagnosis becomes more apparent and that's what happens. most of these throat cancers are diagnosed in a stage 3 to 4. that's when they show the most prominent amount of occupying space and symptoms and -- but it's a wake-up lesson, you know, if you have the risk factors
6:50 am
like mark said, this is the perfect example. when in doubt, check it out. if you're not happy with the results, if you have this persistent sore throat, go get it checked with the specialists. >> good luck for all of you out there. the military says pat tillman died a hero but a new movie screams cover-up. a retired general reacts to new reports on tillman's death. two women grieved for the same trapped miner. the wife and mistress who met each other at the rescue scene and discovered they're with the same guy. interesting grooming. thanks. i got the idearom general mills big g cereals. they put a white check on the top of every box to let people know that their cereals
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>> the documentary, "the tillman story" comes out friday
6:54 am
and it's not without controversy. the story about the 2004 death of the former linebacker and army ranger claims the military covered up the fact that he was killed by friendly fire in order to create a hero poster child for the war. yesterday, we spoke to the director. take a listen. >> we felt a real compulsion to correct the record. the way it's been reported is really far off the mark and i think people are going to be very surprised when they find out how different the story is. >> joining us now to discuss this is the author of "danger close", thanks for joining us. ok, so this is obviously a tragedy. pat tillman joined the rangers. he was shot. he was killed by friendly fire. tell us what happened subsequent to his death. was it an army cover-up? >> well, no, i think there were some mistakes made and i think the -- there was a lot of confusion at the scene of the incident when he was killed. but that's common in a firefight. you never find two people that
6:55 am
saw it exactly the same and even the people in this film don't agree on exactly what happened. but was there a cover-up? i was on don rumsfeld's staff at the time this occurred. i never saw any evidence nor heard any discussion about a cover-up. let me say, eric, the hypothesis of this film is there was a cover-up all the way to the top of d.o.d. think about the fact that tillman's brother was there when he was killed. do you think it was possible to cover this thing up? there were mistakes made but no, i don't think there was a cover-up. >> general, you were there, the filmmakers and the family, i guess the families involved with the filmmakers. did they consult you on the film? >> no, no one consulted me nor should they have consulted me but -- and i think that they've done a good job in putting this documentary together. the problem is there are a lot of holes in this thing. and again i say the idea that you could cover this up when his
6:56 am
brother was there at the scene when he was shot, he didn't see his brother die. but i mean, that's -- that's ridiculous. you could not cover this up, there were mistakes made. >> well, the question is not only was it a cover-up, were there -- was the military looking to use it as a -- like they said, in the intro, become a poster child for the war, war hero. >> well, every soldier's death is a tragic thing, especially when it's this. but i don't think there was an effort here to exploit this. look, i have great sympathy for the family of tillman and i think the people that were in this video with the exception of a couple of them were -- were honorable people but i don't agree with the hypothesis of this. >> thank you. taxed to the max. the government butting into garage sales. are you kidding me? the city says they're trying to collect a piece of your profits and ice agents admit they're
6:57 am
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>> terrorists coddling, socialistic, godless, muslim. what's behind the "newsweek" cover featuring those words alongside the picture of president obama. how does fox factor in? eric? >> i don't know. to a woman grieving for the same trapped miner, the wife and mistress who met each other at the rescue scene and discovered they're with the same guy. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> this is tom watson. you're watching "fox & friends." >> all right. tom watson, fine golfer. by the way, this might be one miner who thinks to himself. hey, it's a little dark.
7:01 am
i get sent -- i feel like i'm on a treadmill but it's kind of nice. >> didn't think his mistress thing was going to get out this way. welcome to the show, everyone. big news day. eric bolling sitting in for steve doocy today and we're talking about this hurricane. hurricane earl is now a cat 4 storm again unfortunately. it's barrelling towards the eastern seaboard 140 to 145 miles per hour. state of emergency in place in north carolina, maryland and virginia plus a tropical storm warning now for long island, new york. take a look at this picture. this is from nasa from the international space station. let's go to janice dean tracking the storm from our severe weather center. hey, janice. >> was brian listening? tropical storm warning for his home? >> separate tropical storm from the hurricane, correct? >> no. long island is going to feel probably tropical storm force winds, brian, and those can bring power lines down. so we want to make sure that your family is well taken care of. my husband went out and bought bottled water. we are all set. we live in long island as well so all along the coast, we'll feel the effects of this storm.
7:02 am
it's not going to take much to cause problems along the east coast and we could take some lessons from folks across the southeast and florida and the gulf coast. i don't know if folks really know what to do if this hurricane makes a landfall across mid atlantic or the northeast. there's the storm right now. we're gonna see a little wobbling here, even though this is a very strong, massive storm, they're very delicate creatures and just a little wobble here or wobble there can, you know, weaken the storm a little bit. so we are going to see some fluctuations, possibility of going down to a category 3 but right now, we're at a 4, a very strong 105-mile-per-hour sustained winds moving north-northwest at 18 miles per hour. it's just 400 miles south of cape hatteras. they'll start to feel some of the outer bands this afternoon. hurricane advisories, watches and warnings. warnings in the red for parts of the outer banks and watches up towards delaware and then parts of massachusetts as well and including martha's vineyard, cape cod and the islands, we're dealing with hurricane watches
7:03 am
so they could start to feel hurricane conditions within the next 36 to 48 hours. there's the path. four right now, expecting to be a 4 just shy or on top of the outer banks and then very close towards the northeast coast, category 3, even category 2 as it moves closer to coastal massachusetts. so a big storm, we'll be covering it and bringing you the very latest. i'd rather people be safe than sorry. so, you know, if they're getting fearful, that's probably a good thing. i'd rather people just prepare for the worst and if nothing happens, that's great. >> all right, janice dean for us in the severe weather center. thanks very much. president obama says he's cautiously hopeful that a deal can be reached during peace talks between israeli and palestinian leaders in washington. violence in the mideast continues to escalate. joins us from the wes bank near the site of yesterday's deadly attacks by hamas that killed four israelis. good morning to you. >> and good morning to you all.
7:04 am
good afternoon from ramalah. you can feel the tension on the west bank and there's an increased military presence. they've been stopping cars and searching cars to prevent more attacks that they expect. so far in the past two nights, we've had two nighttime ambushes of jewish settlers by palestinian gunmen. last night, two people were hurt. they were able to escape. they're the lucky ones. night before that, there were four people killed including a pregnant woman. clearly, this is an attempt by hamas to derail the peace talks that are going on in washington. so far, it's only strengthened the israeli position there in washington and also shows hamas' strength. this happened despite massive security roundups over the past couple of weeks. today, hamas has promised even more attacks and in the past, this has changed how the peace negotiations have worked. typically what happens after something like these attacks and this kind of violence is the
7:05 am
peace negotiations become secret. obviously, it then deprives anybody of having a world stage for this kind of violence. it also takes some of the pressure off the negotiators as they try to make a deal and hopefully make things a little bit safer for the folks living and working here in the west bank. guys? >> all right. leland, thanks very much for that update. fox news alert. nato says two u.s. service members were killed today in afghanistan. they died in separate roadside bombings. nato also saying it killed a taliban commander by a precision air strike near the pakistan border, the commander was a specialist in smuggling arms and foreign fighters into the country. a gunman who terrorized employees at the discovery channel's headquarters yesterday thought people were bad. and babies were parasites. in his on-line manifesto, he even called civilization filth. the environmental militant, james lee wrote this. all programs on discovery health, tlc, must stop encouraging the birth of anymore parasitic human infants and the false heroics behind those
7:06 am
actions. lee had explosives strapped to his body when he took three people hostage during a heart-stopping four hour stand-off. he was eventually shot dead by police. the hostages luckily not hurt and all the employees got out safely. one of the 33 trapped miners may not really want to get rescued. he's seen here and apparently has two women waiting for him. his wife and his mistress. during a candlelight vigil for the miners, both women were crying for the same guy. that's how his wife discovered he had a mistress but despite it all, his wife says she'll take him back when he is freed which might not be until christmas. >> she would take him back but the mistress says no, forget it, right? >> i'm not sure. sounds like a soap opera, doesn't it? >> she has standards. >> wait a second, the mistress is fighting for him according to reports. we have a miner correspondent who says that -- >> i was gonna say, instead of going to play golf with
7:07 am
president bush, you could go down there. >> it turns out he was a nurse so he's actually treating a lot of the people down there. so -- >> making this whole thing up. >> this is true. he evidently -- and they can't get the flu or if anybody gets sick, they're in a lot of trouble. more than they would imagine because then they'll all get sick. >> brian researches the most fabulous stories. >> i know. >> hold it a second, i'm getting in a report right now. >> from your miner correspondent? >> the mistress says -- she's his soul mate. we are in love? i will wait for him. >> what? >> end of story. >> are you making that up? >> not making it up. >> by the power vested in loren petterson. somewhere in there, a voice came into my ear. >> voice just came into my ear to say move along. anyway, let's talk about this story, ice, you know what that is. the immigration enforcement agency in our country. they go around the country and do audits of different companies
7:08 am
to see whether or not there are any undocumented workers who are employed there. apparently, a new study has come out now to say maybe ice needs to get some glasses because they apparently have been turning a blind eye to companies that hire a tremendous amount of illegals. did you see the report, guys? >> yeah, i saw it. it's unbelievable. they found out, for example, over in texas, 93% of the work force was there and had problems with their paperwork. let's start with the california company. 93% of the workers had problems with their documents but instead of finding them, getting rid of the people and making massive arrests, telling the c.e.o. come with me, nothing happened. not even a fine. illinois company, dubious documents found near 8 in 10 employees, almost all of them. nothing happened. >> and this is a great area to raise money. say there's no money for border agents, there's no money to, you know, secure borders to do a lot of the initiatives they want to do, for example, in arizona, here, do this. go after the companies that hire illegals and raise some money. >> you know what it is?
7:09 am
this would be -- instead of the fines, it's a deterrent. oh, my goodness, i'm saving money on my labor costs by hiring illegals but is it worth the risk of being arrested? the answer is, of course, no. now all of a sudden, people are saying look at these other companies, the profit margin is fantastic. you like that? >> i do like that. >> thank you very much. people says there's no fear in the current immigration climate. >> very good analysis. employees are not getting in trouble if they're here illegally but also employers which is to your point, you know. so maybe it's worth taking the risk. >> my point that he embellished. >> i hijacked your point? >> sorry. sorry. >> made it better. >> all right. and along those lines, this fact may be stunning to you. i don't know. illegal immigration apparently has slowed down now since 2007. between 2000 -- i know why. let's go through the facts. 2000 to 2005, there were 850,000 a year coming into the united states illegally.
7:10 am
2007 to 2009, 300,000 annually and why? it's a four letter -- three letter word, right? >> three letter word, jobs. j-o-b-s. the economy stinks over there, go here for a while. >> we stopped counting, maybe they're not going through the turnstile and people think to themselves -- this is my humble theory. illegal immigration, overblown. >> what? >> what? >> if people stop counting and if we're counting them, can we stop them? number 2, we could also start skewing the numbers so it looks as though illegal immigration at the border isn't nearly as bad and it becomes a political ploy. >> you think it will be a political -- this study will end up playing into politics during the election. it could be. it could be. all right, let's take a look at a very controversial "newsweek" cover. if you haven't seen this, you're about to. take a look. this is what is going to be out this week. the making of a terrorist, coddling war mongering, wall street loving, socialistic,
7:11 am
godless muslim president. could you believe that that would be on the cover of a national magazine? >> you know what i can't believe? they could actually use wall street loving. >> that's -- >> look. it's ridiculous. they're just looking to sell some magazines. you can't really take it further than that, can you? >> the little thing -- let's show that cover again because you can see there's an asterisk that's right after the last -- the president there. and then you go and you read the fine print and you find out that obviously none of these claims are true. but is this "newsweek"'s new fatal attempt to try and sell the magazines they would go to this level. >> and show the sympathy to the president is being called all these things and nobody seems happy. here's the quote from the article. the blame to this extends from fox news and the republican leadership, this is in the story, to the peculiar psychology of resentment in public opinion to the ham handed political response of the obama white house. whatever the cause, it's smashmouth tactics are validated by huge g.o.p. gains in the
7:12 am
midterm elections. then big lie politics may be good with us, the g.o.p. does win big, look for more of this trend to continue. jonathan alter writes that who just wrote a biography. >> instead of it being the will of the people that they would vote in certain people coming to the midterm elections it would be somebody else's fault. >> right. and i guess somehow they're blaming fox news for that. >> yeah. >> we're used to it, aren't we? >> not really. i never get used to it. 12 minutes after the hour. all i have to do is log on and get used to it again. >> have you ever had a garage sale? usually you're in charge yourself. you decide hey, i have a couple of things i want to get rid of and maybe make a little extra cash and put up a few signs and then on a saturday afternoon, you sell some stuff. now, in dallas, because they're cash strapped, the city is, they are now possibly going to start charging you if you're a citizen of dallas to have a garage sale. 25 bucks to make money for the town. what too you think about that? >> that is unbelievable!
7:13 am
your land, your stuff. just because you're done with it, you got to pay a $25 fine in order to see if there's a market for it. that's incredible. what do you think about that? friends at or twitter us. >> lemonade stand count, too? you have to get a permit for that? >> actually, we've done stories on that, that you cannot set up a lemonade stand without getting like a health permit or something like that. yeah. let us know what you think about that. you probably have to pay taxes on your stuff that you sell at the garage sale as well. controversy over state tests concerns that the reading selections featuring glowing passages about muslims but slammed christianity. tucker carlson is here with those details. >> that's what tucker looks like. and then trapped in a hot tub. he called 911. >> believe it or not, i am -- i'm the sheriff from the county and i'm in this hot tub here for, i don't know, at least 10 hours. >> oh, man. >> tucker carlson was trapped in a hot tub? >> no, we'll tell you how that story ended straight ahead.
7:14 am
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>> well, islamic culture -- is islamic culture being favored over christianity? on a mandatory test being given to new york state high school students? tucker carlson, founder of "the daily caller" and fox news contributor, of course, takes a closer look at the exam and joins us right now from our d.c. bureau. tucker, i took the regents exams back in 1980 through 1982, i never saw questions that were pro muslim, anti-christian, so to speak. what did you find? >> well, this is part of a national trend in which schools basically give a complete pass to islam, historical islam while applying most skeptical possible standards to other world religions including and especially christianity. this is a test given to high school students in new york city. this was just given, just the other day. and the essay questions in the social studies section of the test reflect an almost comical
7:18 am
bias. i don't know if we can put them up on the screen. >> let's take a look at this. here's the excerpt. can you see it over there, over in washington. here it is, wherever they went, the muslims bought with them the love of beauty and learning. that's where that was quoted from. >> well, islam was a religion of peace and spread across the world because it was so appealing and because its art was so compelling. no one was put to the sword or anything. by contrast, christianity presented in this exam and by the way, again, this is a national trend not limited to new york city but certainly evident there. christianity is presented this way. >> yeah, christian buildings were often constructed on sites that destroyed native temples. how dare those christians! >> and it goes on to point out that these temples were built with slave labor. you have the juxtaposition of
7:19 am
christianity which is piggish and violent. islam which is enlightened, artistic, aesthetically pleasing so we asked the spokesman for the new york city schools, what is this about? and the response that we received, fairly long, totally indecipherable. i couldn't understand a single word of it. this is the summation. >> let's try it. if you're listening in on radio, test development is a highly complex process and you need to understand that questions are developed and invented over a long period of time by expert new york state teachers. so it stays is what they're saying, tucker carlson. >> they're saying two things. one, this is so complex that people with low i.q.'s like you couldn't possibly understand. trust us. and two, experts are involved. therefore, you have no place weighing in on this. certified teachers. in other words, shut up. >> thanks for breaking it down for people like myself. i understand where you're coming from and now we know where the test is standing. thank you very much. >> thanks. >> straight ahead, new predictions released on the
7:20 am
november elections. former speaker of the house newt gingrich here next to weigh in. and that's me stuck in the sand trap. will i get out? my final day of golf boot camp before i golf with george w. bush tomorrow. don't hit it. tetetetetell me so.
7:21 am
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>> glad you're back with us. the director for center of politics at the university of virginia looked into his crystal ball literally and has just released his 2010 predictions forecasting the outcome of the midterm elections. >> here's how he breaks it down. the house, g.o.p. could gain 47 seats. senate, the g.o.p. could gain between eight and nine seats. governor, eight g.o.p. candidates may win. former speaker of the house newt
7:24 am
gingrich joins us now author of the bestseller "to save america, stopping president obama's secularist, social machine" which you can buy at nice to see you. >> good to be here. >> when you look at the crystal ball, do you agree with it? >> i think he has sort of a very cautious prediction. charlie cook now has, i think, 68 democratic seats at risk in the house and indicated they're going to go up even higher later on this week with new data. dick morris thinks republicans could pick up as many as 11 seats in the senate. the republican governors association has been doing a tremendous job under haley barbour's leadership and i think a minimum number of new governors will pick up so it could be one of those remarkable sweeps even bigger than 1994 with john boehner as the new speaker, mitch mcconnell as the new majority leader and then the question will become whether or not the obama administration will give up their job killing
7:25 am
policies and listen to the american people's call for a more practical, more moderate government. this is after all a self-imposed disaster that obama, pelosi, reid have created by killing jobs and being so radical. doing things that make no sense. >> listen to this, remember when george w. bush left the white house, his approval ratings were around 34%. they took another poll, they said who would you rather have as president? george w. bush or barack obama? listen to this. president bush by eight points. 50-42. let's go inside the numbers there, newt. >> two things are happening. first of all, as people get further away from president bush's presidency, they realize how courageous he was and how consistent he was. and how much he was dedicated to america's interests rather than to trying to appease our enemies. second, i can't overemphasize the importance of job killing as
7:26 am
something which is beginning to crush the democratic party. their policies of big government, high taxes, big regulation, big litigation of attacking businesses at every chance, i had two entrepreneurs walk up to me last night and say that each of them could create more jobs but they never will under this administration because they think its policies are so destructive, they don't want to risk their money hiring now people to support all things that they think obama stands for. >> the major reason is why ohio is important, it's one of the swing states, right? when you look further into the poll results, you see that the independents who decide all elections almost, they hold that view they would take george bush over barack obama, 44% to 37%. i mean, just 19 months ago, they voted for obama. >> over mccain. >> i don't remember any president who has squandered the level of popularity that this president has squandered.
7:27 am
he entered office with most americans wishing him well. recognizing how difficult the economy was. and how difficult the radical islamists were as a threat and wanting him to succeed and he has managed in a year and a half to alienate an amazing percent of the country. i think in the same poll you're describing by public policy polling, 11% of democrats favored george w. bush over obama. only 3% of republicans favor obama over bush. and you look at numbers and recognize this is an enormous repudiation of a radical congress and radical president. >> newt might want to get in there. newt going to iowa, i understand. talk to you again. >> talk to you soon. >> straight ahead -- >> he wants to build a mosque near ground zero but it turns out the last time this man opened a house of worship, things didn't go so well. what a new investigation has uncovered. >> and trapped in a hot tub for 10 hours. he called 911 for extremely
7:28 am
wrinkled. >> we'll explain that man's predicament and his wrinkles and our continuing series "paws for a cause" how you can help some of these dogs in need of a great home. look at those fur balls! hi, fur ball. [ female announcer ] staynce... stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at can earn you a free night -- why does it say box tops for education on your soup?so. oh, it's a program that raises money for schools. that's great, but this is a can. ye it is. you can't have a box top on a can. yes we can. but a can isn't a box. we know. i don't think you do. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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>> in less than 2 1/2 hours from now, palestinian president abbas and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will meet face to face for peace talks. live in washington, doug? >> good morning, guys. they're talking in the last few hours today. what we're hearing now is the right things from everyone but when you get down to the details in this process, that's where everything typically begins to fall apart. all of the major players gathered last night at the white house for dinner. they're starting this gathering at least standing side by side. president obama was flanked with the key players in mideast peace. he called on israeli and palestinian leaders to set aside their differences. >> we must ask, do we have the wisdom and the courage to walk the path of peace? >> here's what they're up against, though. the wake of two attacks, this week on israelis and those have been attributed to hamas.
7:33 am
beyond that, you have the settlement process that's continuing in israel or will be continuing here in a few months and that's a concern to palestinians so they still have a long way to go and there are critics who say that we have kind of been there, done that already. >> i just don't see that the conditions are right. diplomacy can only bridge differences that are bridgeable and i think the differences at this point between israel and the palestinians are just far too broad for this to succeed. >> got the white house just hoping that this will lead to more talks in the future. gretchen, brian and eric? >> all right, doug, thanks very much for that update and a fox news alert. the other big story today it's weather. folks on the east coast are bracing themselves for hurricane earl. craig boswell live for us in the outer banks where evacuations are under way. you're going to be in the heart of the storm, unfortunately, craig. >> we certainly are and good morning to you, gretchen. yes, a little breezy but weather conditions will continue to
7:34 am
deteriorate as this day wears on. pan off and show you what we have right now. we're expecting 10 to 15 foot breaking waves later on this afternoon with storm force winds coming in this afternoon around 1:00 or 2:00. hurricane force winds later on this evening with a storm surge of 2 to 4 feet. that's the issue here, why so many people were evacuated. emergency management officials evacuating residents and visitors off hatteras island. while the brunt of this storm is expected to remain off the coast, this is one of the most powerful hurricanes to threaten the east coast in years so people here are not risking it. they're taking it very seriously and local emergency management officials are meeting right now to determine if there will be any future evacuations, anymore evacuations this morning. but we'll certainly be here watching this as the day wears on. hurricane earl just 100 or so miles off the east coast. back to you. >> craig boswell live for us in north carolina. thanks very much. >> it seems so calm. is it? let's go to janice dean tracking the storm from up above and i'm
7:35 am
talking about up above us. she's on the 11th floor. what's happening? >> i'm on the third floor. >> really? >> why do i keep going up to 11. >> can you tell brian has never been up here. >> they tell me to stay out of the weather center because i keep touching stuff. >> right. >> ok. very nice up here, very comfortable but sometimes i feel lonely. i'm going to admit it. ok, we have storms coming off africa like an assembly line. real quick. we have to watch gaston because gaston could be a hurricane by the end of the weekend and threatening the caribbean. so we'll have to keep an eye on that. we are into peak season and we are just seeing these named storms like that. ok, so there's earl. 145-mile-per-hour sustained winds. that's a strong category 4. new advisory coming out just before 8:00, have it here on "fox & friends" with the latest on the storm, the coordinates and where it's going. that cone of uncertainty that i like to talk about, it's made up of all these tropical storm models that make up that cone.
7:36 am
and as you can see, some of them brushing very close to the outer banks. cape cod and the islands and the cone certainly reflects that. they could be feeling hurricane-force winds, storm surge, and flooding from this afternoon across the outer banks overnight tonight into friday and saturday as this massive storm moves up the coast. we think there's a good chance it will be a major hurricane as it comes very close to the outer banks. then up towards long island. we have tropical storm warnings. you know, the tropical storm force winds can bring down power lines so that could be another issue and zoom very quickly up towards atlantic canada where parts of atlantic canada could take a direct hit from earl. so again, we're gonna continue to bring you the very latest, new advisory comes out any moment now so as soon as it does, i will let you guys know and alert you. back to you. >> all right. luckily, you're here with us this morning. thanks very much, janice. here are the rest of your headlines. another round of jobless claims are coming out this morning. 8:30 eastern time. analysts predict there will be
7:37 am
475,000 new unemployment claims. that would be a slight jump from last week. >> not good. >> ahead of those numbers, foreign stocks, tokyo stock closed up and at last check, london in positive territory and the dow futures are also up. wasn't the stock market the highest yesterday since in the last couple of months? >> no, weeks, not months. last few weeks. >> all right. the cleric behind the ground zero mosque, imam rauf, two middle names, no time for that, apparently got a big tax exemption from the muslim organization he founded. according to "the new york post," claimed as many as 500 muslims prayed daily in a one bedroom apartment. that's outrageous! that was under his wife's name who is named daisy. these guys -- rauf sought church status for the group. that means they don't have to pay any taxes, they don't have to reveal their sources of contributions, their sources of money. that's unbelievable. the money grew has a new address and name and gives money to the
7:38 am
cordoba institute that supports the mosque. that's your web of distruth. >> which by the way only had $18,000 in the bank a little bit more than a year ago and trying to build $100 million mosque. a man lands in hot water after oregon police say he called 911 from the hot tub outside someone's house. take a listen to this bizarre 911 call. >> believe it or not, i'm the sheriff of washington county and i've been in this hot tub here for, i don't know, at least 10 hours. >> what's going on with you medically? >> he never got the hug or any marshmallows. he's not the sheriff but actually a homeless man and was arrestedor trespassing. all right. >> today, we have some small
7:39 am
paws with us for our paws for a cause series. robin is the executive director of small paws rescueinc., the largest breed rescue in the country. over the past 12 years, they've saved over 1250 bichons. they have been successfully adopted and prancer and dancer, i guess, still need a home but they're not with us. >> they're not with us this morning but they're for adoption on our web site, >> we have joanne with us as well. >> thanks so much. these beautiful dogs were rescued and have been adopted. >> they have amazing stories, yes. this is taylor on the -- in the red leash and he actually came into the witness protection program from an abuse case from somewhere in the country and look at how well he's doing now. and then these two -- this is olivia and this is aaron casy, both of these bichons were born in puppy mills. they were rescued and i am holding boris. boris lives in manhattan.
7:40 am
and he came from a puppy mill at 1-year-old and he is just the sweetest little love. >> so now what -- how did you decide you wanted to just help one breed? >> well, what happened was i found myself on the steps of a puppy mill in missouri and i went to get a bichon puppy thinking this was a place to do that. my eyes were opened. we didn't have anything on a national scale for bichons but just other than rescuing bichons, we also trade other breed rescues to do what we do for their breeds. there's no breed we haven't rescued. >> this is a sought after breed. people want this. these dogs clean up nice, don't they? >> they do clean up nice. >> look at them. >> bright white. >> they do and the thing is they may look like foo-foo dogs but they are big dogs in a little dog body. >> they're rough and tough. if you have a mud puddle, they'll be in it and the personality of these dogs, it will capture your hearts.
7:41 am
it will enrich your lives and just give you a whole new outlook on life. >> i may have to add it to my list. i have a 7-year-old daughter who gets a dog when she's 10. we're already creating lists and she loves bichons. maybe now after mommy has been so close to them, it might go on the list. >> getting more and more great stories from this week, from this series on trying to rescue dogs and get them homes, this is a great story. and if people want to get in touch with other -- to you about other bichons what do we do? all the information is on the home page. we have bichons in every state and have over 250 for adoption right now across the country. the economy has caused people to have to surrender their bichons sometimes, we have people who have passed away or gone into a nursing home. >> that's sad. >> all sorts of reasons. go to and we'll try to link them. >> do you try to mix them up and remember who is who? >> last time you were here, i said they all look alike. no, they don't.
7:42 am
>> ok. >> this is olivia. olivia has a little bit straighter fur. >> that's right. >> and this is erin casy. >> they all have homes. thank you very much for coming in. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> the makers of botox forced to pay a major fine now for a major mistake. i wonder what that was. >> and brian is playing golf with president george w. bush tomorrow. one problem -- >> i don't play golf. >> he doesn't play golf very well. >> look at him in the sand. >> by the way, he got his short game yesterday. >> that's a good shot, brian. >> in his speech, president obama called former president george w. bush, i'm not saying the economy is bad. but he called collect. ok? i guess they had a pretty cordial conversation. ♪ [ female announcer ] ah, the coffee house. the lines.
7:43 am
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7:46 am
>> here's the news by the numbers. first, $93 million, that's how much b.p. spent on image advertising from april through july. that's three times what it spent all of last year. next, $54.5 million. that's the mortgage tiger woods took out for a bachelor mega mansion in florida and $600 million. that's how much they paid to settle charges that they illegally sold botox as a headache remedy. brian? >> thanks a lot. in less than 24 hours, i'll be teeing off live here on "fox & friends" with president bush. 43rd president of the united states for patriot golf day. it's a wonderful cause. as you may have heard, i don't golf. so for four days, i've been trying to learn to golf. today, yesterday was my last day and here is where i stand.
7:47 am
>> i've had my swing broken down and analyzed. i can finally get off the tee. now i need to get in the hole. look who is helping me to do that. golf channel's standout star. he is the host of the golf fix, michael breed. michael? can you bring me a short game? >> well, i can show you how to do it. i don't know whether i can bring it to you. i saw what you did with henderson. i think we'll need some work. >> let's get busy. >> you're gonna need that. you got the hole there and you have the ball there. you need that there to hit that ball over there. it's easy. >> sounds good. >> that's gonna need a little bit -- that's gonna need a chariot. >> we're not going to aim necessarily at the flag. we'll aim to the right of it and let it take the break. >> all right. what do you guys think? think you have a chance? >> yeah, i don't think so. >> come on, let's go, chuck wagon! hit that ball! >> ♪ we're half way there >> this is pretty good right here. >> ♪ living on a prayer take my hand we'll make it i swear ♪ >> you're gonna get your feet
7:48 am
narrow and you're gonna take your right foot and you're gonna point it towards the ball. >> ok. >> wonder what's going through your head right now. >> ♪ you're hot and you're cold ♪ >> i know i wasn't hitting a chip shot. >> there you go! >> no way. >> ♪ it's black and it's white ♪ >> you know what -- >> i don't know what to go against. i cannot match that. >> let's go bowling! >> from the green to the fairway, we have now found the bunker. all i want you to do is just move sand out. did i get you? can we do this again where i don't get sand on me? >> no. >> what happened to hitting the sand? >> i forgot. >> standing in that sand? >> that's a reminder to hit it. >> nope. >> you're better than that. you're just simply better than that. >> ♪ oh yeah why won't you ♪ >> think we got them? >> i think we fooled them. >> that's it!
7:49 am
>> all right. now there's one thing left to master. which is -- >> claen up your mess like your mama told you to do. >> i'll see you out there. all by myself. >> all by your lonesome. >> ♪ why won't you answer me >> nice! work. >> thank you very much. >> you got it. >> so mike, do i have a short game? >> yeah. you bet. you got a short game. is it a good short game? >> it's a short game. listen, you know what? the important thing is not what it looks like. it's that you're out there trying to be the best you can be. >> ♪ your love ♪ >> mike breed is phenomenal golfer and talent from the golf channel and it was a lot of fun. but -- >> you have a chance! >> no, i don't. >> that was a beautiful chip shot. >> thank you very much. >> find the silver lining here. >> do you have golf etiquette in your blood? >> i'm trying. >> a lot about golf is the etiquette. just ask my dad.
7:50 am
>> i know about what to do. i'm golfing with dan rooney who started this whole thing, that's why president bush is involved. >> there is a silver lining. >> which is? >> president bush has a very good sense of humor. >> i'm worried about the first tee off. we'll do that tomorrow. i'll be live and the president, we'll be together in a foursome going through 18 holes and we'll be dipping in and out and i think the tee off, do we know what time the tee off is? 8:30 eastern time or 7:30 eastern time? >> it will be 8 -- >> i hope it's 7:30 so we can see a lot of your shots before it's over. >> it will be 8:30. it will be 8:30 and we'll be live here and maybe the president will be on with us to start it all off and maybe a little in between holes, he'll say by the way, this is what president obama said to me. >> that would be fantastic. only if he brings it up. >> i'll pay you 20 for that. >> thanks to everybody who helped me out and gavin is in waco apologizing for what i'm about to do. >> look forward to that. remember this hot topic, sex ed for kindergarten kids. our next guest says these teachers are out of their minds! how she's going above and beyond
7:51 am
to stop sex ed at such a young age. >> today is september 2, 2010. on this day in history, 1987, los lobos had the number one hit. so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? yeah, maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number?
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
>> ex education for children as young as 5. that's the proposal that's currently under consideration in the montana school district and it has many parents upset. >> dr. marilyn grossman is a psychologist and author of "you're teaching my child what." >> she joins us from montana. i understand you got an e-mail from a concerned grandmother who had two grandchildren in this school district and you are now meeting with parents to discuss this curriculum. this curriculum by many accounts is very controversial because it teaches kindergarteners sex,
7:55 am
right? >> yes, it is very, very controversial. and it's divided this small town and passions are running very high. so i was invited by a concerned group of parents and grandparents to come in and give them information that will help them defeat this -- this proposed curriculum. and so i'm here to provide them with hard science and information that they haven't heard. and to support them in their complaint that this program that's proposed for the kids is simply too much, too soon and too little too late. >> dr. grossman. >> there's too much information that's given. >> what are they saying? why are they saying a 5-year-old needs to learn about sex and frankly some explicit, i'm reading some of e things they want to teach them. it seems to me as a parent
7:56 am
outrageous. >> i agree with you. and when i spoke to the community yesterday, i said that this is material that i would not want my own children exposed to at that age. in terms of why they would want to do it? that's a great question. that's the question for an organization called secus. the people in helena, the school board based this proposed curriculum on those guidelines. >> we debated it on this show. there are people amazingly on the other side of this. here's a statement from the superintendent about your request for a meeting. it's difficult to schedule additional meetings in the summer. this is a public process. dr. grossman is not a member the community but we still welcome her input. maybe when fall start, which is just around the corner, you'll be able to get a meeting, dr. grossman. >> well, that would be fine with me. but in the meantime, parents have been armed with information that they need to help them
7:57 am
understand why it can be a bad idea to give young kids too much information and older kids not enough information. >> dr. grossman, thanks so much. [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum ta tum tum tums
7:58 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is thursday, september 2, 2010. thank you for sharing your time with us. thousands of people now being told to evacuate their homes as hurricane earl steams towards the east coast. our own janice dean is tracking that storm moment by moment and she will join us in a moment. >> eric: bizarre hour long hostage situation at the discovery channel. an extreme environmentalist motivated by al gore. where is the media outrage? >> brian: princess diana if her underwear on the anniversary of her death. the ad has the royal seeing red. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> this is phil mickleson and you're watching "fox & friends."
8:01 am
>> gretchen: that's the inspiration for brian's golf tournament tomorrow with president george w. bush. >> brian: by the way, he's a collieway golfer and they were kind enough to customize clubs for me. so if i do poorly, will sales plummet? >> gretchen: it's a phone call for brian. they don't want you to play with their clubs anymore. >> eric: you're fired. >> gretchen: i'm looking forward to that experience for you. we have to talk about the big news. hurricane earl now a category 4 storm and heading towards the east coast with winds up to 145 miles per hour. evacuations in north carolina, they've been expanded across the barrier islands. a state of emergency not only in north carolina, but also in maryland and virginia. and a tropical storm warning also issued for long island, new york. janice dean tracking the storm for us from the extreme weather
8:02 am
center. >> hi. we got the new advisory at 8:00 o'clock. before 8:00 o'clock. nothing new has changed except the storm is getting closer to cape hatteras. 350 miles south of cape hatteras. this storm is starting to reorganize again. all four quadrants are filling out. but the colder clouds have flooded deeper oranges here. still a very strong category 4 storm and still got a lot of warm water to travel. right now where early is, 84, 84-degree temperatures. as it continues to move toward the outer banks, we need 80-degree threshold for the storm to maintain its strength. then as we get closer to the northeast, the temperatures drop off. that will help weaken the storm, although it will be moving quickly. still a major hurricane as it gets closer to long island. we think. then as it gets closer to maine, cape cod, still a category 2 storm. there is still a formidable hurricane. again, we could potentially be dealing with a direct hit on
8:03 am
cape hatteras or cape cod and a very close brush with the coastal northeast. really have to continue to watch this storm. make all your preparations. better safe than sorry i always say. back to you. >> brian: and i know this is almost surreal because you've been watching this every hour. coming up straight ahead, less than two hours from now, palestinian president abbas and israeli prime minister netanyahu will be face-to-face for peace talks in washington. i believe they're going to pledge to meet twice a month for a year at least? >> whatever it takes. if more meetings lead to success, we'll see. some see this as a measure of success, just the fact that the key players are sitting across the same table from one another. but will anything really come of it? president obama last night hosted a dinner at the white house for palestinian president abbas, israeli prime minister netanyahu, and the leaders of both jordan and egypt. together they're hoping to lay the ground work for more talks
8:04 am
that will eventually lead to a comprehensive middle east peace agreement. >> we must ask, do we have the wisdom and the courage to walk the path of peace? >> another question, do they have the kind of circumstances now that would lead to the creation of a palestinian state, especially in the wake of two attacks this week on israelis carried out by hamas? also, israel is prepared to ramp up construction of controversial settlements later this year. but everyone seems to be saying the right things. >> president abbas, you are my partner in peace. it is up to us with the help of our friends to conclude the agonizing conflict between our peoples and to afford them with new beginnings. >> we spared no effort as we
8:05 am
work to insure that these negotiations go forward. >> no one is expecting major resolution today. but if these talks lead to more direct talks down the road, the white house will claim success hoping for some kind of comprehensive agreement within the course of a year. of course, one of the most vexing questions is how brian was able to if get some custom e golf clubs. >> brian: could you stay on the middle east story because it could get ugly for me if you get answers to that very big question. >> if you do well on the golf course, it shows that anything is possible, even a middle east peace agreement. >> eric: wow! i will give hope to the middle east by doing well. thank you. >> gretchen: all right. another fox news alert because nato says that two u.s. service members were killed today in afghanistan. they died in separate road side bombings. they killed a taliban commander by a precision air strike.
8:06 am
the commander a specialist in smuggling arms and foreign fighters into the country. today engineers don't expect to see another gusher when they remove the cap on the blownout bp oil well in the gulf. the government isn't guaranteeing some oil won't leak. the cap has to come off so the preventer can be recovered. outrage in england. they're ads and they pop up now on the 13th anniversary of princess diana's death. the ad for a chinese lingerie company show a diana look alike. they're on dislay in airports across china. britain has restrictions on using images of the royal family, but not in other countries. those are your headlines. >> brian: now it's time for our weekly visit with michelle malkin. fox news contributor and always
8:07 am
has insight and opinion we need to get from you. first off, whatever we had as your topic number one, move to number two. when we saw what took place yesterday afternoon live on fox news where this lunatic took over the discovery channel building in maryland and claimed that as his main motivation, al gore, and his movie, "inconvenient truth." how do you think this has been played out as we hear about the story today? >> clearly this guy had more than a few screws loose. he had been on the radar screen of discovery and local police and law enforcement there for quite a while, had many grievances built up and clearly embraced a radical environmental agenda and ideology. but i'm going to do something that my enemies and opponents on the other side rarely do and
8:08 am
that is to make clear that al gore is not responsible for this. "inconvenient truth" is an incitement to stupidity and massive costly government intervention, but it's not and never intended to be an incitement to violence. now, unfortunately, you can not find that same sense of fairness from the other side. just last week, brian, we were talking about how all of these leftist bloggers had indicted unfairly and falsely the right and the tea party for the slashing of the muslim cabby there. you see this every time there is an act of violence that involves some sort of nut ball, they're at the ready to indict the right and to shut up conservative bloggers and fox news and every republican leader. and i'm so sick of that kind of blame game. it also obscures, in this particular case, that there are people who incite people to eco terrorism and it's a grave problem. the f.b.i. talked about it for a
8:09 am
long time. you've got these violent groups like the earth liberation front and the animal liberation front, which are out there that do, in fact, engage in property destruction and vandalism and harassment of researchers and scientistists that they disagree with but you never hear an outright condemnation of that violence from the same people who are always trying to smear the right for crimes that they're not responsible for. >> gretchen: you'll be really upset if you're tired of that blame game because take a look at this newsweek cover. this is now the blame apparently going to be going to fox news again and to the republican leadership for why they had to put this cover together. of course, what they say on the cover, the making of a terrorist, coddling war mongering, socialist, godless muslim president. and then there is an asterisk where they say none is true about president obama. but if you read the article, it says the blame for this extends from fox news and the republican
8:10 am
leadership to the peculiar psychology of resentment in public opinion to the handling of the obama white house. whatever the cause, if smash mouth tactics are valid ethed by games in the midterm elections, then politics may be with us for good. first of all, that doesn't even make sense to me. speak in english, please. but the bottom line is that i guess what the writer is saying is that if the gop makes great gains in the election, that it will be somebody else's fault, like fox news. >> yeah. that's right. i said i was sick of the blame game and here we go again. well, this is why newsweek circulation is plummeting. they're essentially a print version of the huffington post and i don't think anybody takes them seriously anymore. they're engaging in more and more desperate attempts to be relevant in the public debate. look, the fact is that this so-called peculiar sense of resentment that they are
8:11 am
ascribing to the public is actually very deep seeded and completely rational. it's not just right wingers who feel this towards the obama administration. their poll numbers are plummeting overall and that certainly isn't just fox news' fault. it's the fault of the people in the white house and the ruling majority. >> eric: isn't this exactly what they're calling i guess fox news out on, smash mouth politics? look at that cover. that's smash mouth. am i missing it? >> yeah. that's right. we certainly have the pot calling the kettle black here, eric. >> brian: and i think the biggest surprise maybe on the administration is the criticism they're getting from the professional left because they have been swimming upstream to them and i think the white house has no idea what to do with that criticism. that's what comes out in the article. >> yeah. >> gretchen: michelle malkin, always great to speak with you and get your thoughts. have a great holiday weekend. we'll see you next week. >> thanks, you, too. >> brian: coming up, more manners want republicans to fix the economy. but democrats say the gop isn't
8:12 am
offering a any new ideas. so who would do a better job? we'll debate it next. >> eric: two women grieving for the same trapped miner, the wife and mistress who met each other at the rescue scene and figured out they're with the same miner. here is trace adkins rocking out >> gretchen: trace adkins. ♪ .
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
>> gretchen: welcome back. a recent usa today poll shows americans believe republicans in congress would do a better job than democrats in seven out of the nine top issues. like federal spending.
8:16 am
50% of americans think republicans would do a better job than democrats than 35% with regard to federal spending. how will that play out in november? juan williams, fox news contributor and a columnist at human events and daily caller are here. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: juan, when you see those stats as a democrat, you go, oh, oh, don't you? >> oh, yeah. it's not good numbers and i think you'll see a way for republicans come the fall. but the question is how big and those numbers in isolation. if you look at the numbers and say, how do people rate republicans in congress versus democrats in congress, people give democrat has higher rating and they give president obama an even higher rating. so i think people are frustrated. i think what you're seeing there is a referendum on president obama and right now his economic policies aren't bearing fruit. so people are saying, give us something else. where are the ideas from the republicans and the alternatives coming from the republican leadership?
8:17 am
>> gretchen: what are the republican ideas? >> there are plenty of ideas coming in through republican leadership. we talked about this. that's the common theme that democrats say. republicans aren't doing anything. they're the party of no. let me say first that i'm fine with the republicans being the party of no if the agenda is a big government spend agenda. there have been cost efficient alternatives with the respective to health care laws. there has been cutting spending, not continuing to try to use stimulus money that has already been shown to be ineffective. so there has been alternatives. let me say this is not surprising to me. this is a far left president that campaigned as a moderate. i'm not shocked when people see those policies manifested, that's disheartened and i think there will be big gains for republicans in the house and senate come november. >> gretchen: juan, i know this president has not necessarily always gone with what the polls say from the american public with regard to health care, with regard to cap and trade, but at
8:18 am
some point does the president have to look at the polls and see what the tenor is of the american public? >> oh, sure. i think a lot of our politicians are overly concerned with polls. but here i think we're up against something bigger and let me just suggest that people are actually interested in getting the american economy working. i don't care if you're a republican or democrat. just to be in the party of no and just say no, at some point people are going to say, especially as they get towards election day, who is actually going to help me get a job? who is actually -- >> gretchen: they're saying that. the polls are saying that. they think the republicans are going to do that. >> no. i think they're saying they have more confidence right now because they're so upset that the democrats and the stimulus thing hasn't resulted in any tremendous outpouring or generation of economic activity. the question is, if it's a referendum on obama, obama loses right now. i give up. but if it's a matter of saying, who has ideas to move us forward or who is going to take us back toward the tax cuts that didn't
8:19 am
do them much, i think the voters might surprise people on election day? >> you can guarantee you're going to be seeing a new contract with america, so to speak. you're going to be seeing specifics. republicans will be on point to offer clear, pro-american, pro-free market alternatives and let me say, this is an administration that has these numbers because it consistently governs and promotes policies that go against the will of the american majority. you look at the health care law. >> gretchen: i got to wrap it up there. >> you love america so much, why not give the ideas now? >> they're starting to. but we're going to hit hard and heavy coming soon. don't you worry. >> gretchen: so we'll all stay tuned for that. thank you very much for being my guests this morning. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> gretchen: all sorts of offers promise to lower your loan payments. one problem. many of them end up being scams. bob massi here next with what to look out for. plus, talk about a wake-up call. a reason not to drive while
8:20 am
you're tired or sleepy. that video coming up.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> gretchen: couple quick headlines. martha stewart wants to be the next barbara walters. she said she's the perfect replacement because she, quote, loves to talk to people. she added she would like to take a crack at michelle obama and hillary clinton. check this out. a mom with her child in the car. she falls asleep at the wheel. watch that video. she slams into a convenience store. it happened in massachusetts. luckily she only had minor injuries and her child also miraculously not hurt in that crash. >> eric: home sales for the month of july will be released and experts predicting sales could be underwhelming. many homeowners are just looking for loan modifications on their current homes. are they finding big bet scams?
8:24 am
>> brian: bob massi joins us now. i guess they say the details will discover whether you should go through with this. can you give us some ideas of scams to look out for today? >> anyone that is going to get a loan modification, there are many, many companies out there that are not properly licensed. so i want our viewers to understand that if there is any loan modification companies that are advertising, you absolutely have to check and make sure that they are licensed with the state because most states have changed the laws now. most states require that you post a minimum of a $50,000 bond. the people have to be properly trained in loan modification. the workers generally have to be fingerprinted with a background check and the reason for that is because so many out there are operating like telemarketing rooms. they have no license. they have no credentials and no training and taking a ton of money and have no ability to modify loans. >> eric: if they're willing to
8:25 am
pull a scam, how do you know? is there a way to check on someone's background or company's background? >> because now most of the states require the mortgage division, and usually the mortgage division on moth states are the ones doing these background investigations, they are the people that you need to go to ask the questions. you should call the attorney general's office if you have any questions. find out which division of your state is requiring loan modification companies to be licensed and then they will let you know. they post it on web sites. if a loan modification company license is pending or they've been approved. that will presume they've done the appropriate background checks on the workers and the owners to make sure there is no criminal background and they are properly trained in loan modification. >> brian: a red flag, lenders do not reduce principle. anyone who promises to is just not being candid. >> absolutely correct. please, i want our viewers to understand, when you have anybody tell you that a lender
8:26 am
is reducing principle, then you run as far away from that as possible. there's a couple quick reasons why they don't reduce principal. number one, if your neighbor's loan was reduced to principal and you have the same lender, you're going to let it go into foreclosure. what are the stock owners going to say to the lenders? any company that says that, run away because it's a complete scam. >> eric: are they promising some government help, we read about it all the time that mr. obama wants to offer extended help to homeowners in trouble. is that a red flag? >> yeah. we talked last week about that. obviously anybody that's saying that there is more benefits out there with the home affordable mortgage program, it's just not working. cancellations are higher than ever before and it's all tied to the fact that many modifications are nothing more than what we call strategic foreclosure. it gives an opportunity for people to stay in their homes longer, but ultimately the values are going down, the foreclosures are going up and it's not working.
8:27 am
>> brian: it's hampering the housing business. thanks so much for scrambling up at this hour in vegas. >> no problem. thank you always for having me. >> brian: straight ahead, we're expecting new jobless numbers in. what are they and will they be worse than expected or better? >> eric: then the miner who might want to stay trapped a little longer. his wife and mistress meet each other at the scene and realize they're with the same guy. ladies night a form of discrimination. a judge making a final ruling. >> brian: ladies night will live on. thank goodness. reba mcentire last night, cma musicfest val.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> eric: fox business alert. the weekly jobless claims, 472,000 new claims filed last week. that's less than expected. 475,000 claims were expected. but still elevated. those are big numbers. you take the four week average and they're in excess of 450,000. it's not working. >> brian: this goes into the overall form of unemployment. obviously there is a lot of
8:32 am
people who got jobs, subtract that from the people that lost jobs. >> eric: tomorrow morning, very important, the unemployment situation released for last month and the numbers expected to go up to 6.9%. staying elevated. >> gretchen: there is so much questions and unrest still in the economy, unfortunately. let's go to our other big story and that's the fox news weather alert. hurricane earl charging now towards the east coast, creating rough waters, which surfers are loving. check out those pictures. right now at least. but the cat 4 storm is packing 145 mile-per-hour winds. we have live team coverage of the storm. let's start with janice dean. >> nobody should be in the water, gretchen. nobody. i don't care how good a surfer you are. my husband is a good surfer and he said he's going to watch the waves 'cause it's extremely dangerous. i mean, this storm is going to come very, very close to shore and we're already feeling those massive waves up and down the coast. also i want to point out earl,
8:33 am
fiona, gaston, they're lining up. we've got another wave behind that, that could be our next named storm. we have to watch gaston. could become a hurricane, could potentially affect the caribbean. maybe even the gulf of mexico. all eyes are on earl right now. 145 miles per hour sustained winds. strong category 4 storm moving north northwest and just almost 400 miles south of cape hatteras. let's take a tour to see where earl is. this path has not changed. so we still could take a direct hit along cape hatteras as well as cape cod. category 4 right now. new track at 11:00 o'clock, we'll have it for you. 145 miles an hour of sustained winds. they'll get hurricane force winds, could get storm surge and heavy, heavy rain. as we head into friday, 115 miles per hour sustained winds storm. that's a category 3, still a major hurricane. there is new york, there is long island. you're under tropical storm warnings there. boston, you're still within this
8:34 am
cone of uncertainty and there is a category 2 storm right on your doorstep. perhaps on top of cape cod and the islands. still a very dangerous storm. we could be dealing with a direct hit on a couple of areas. so we will monitor it for you and bring you the very latest and right now, i want to go to ocean city, new jersey with our reporter who is going to tell us what they are doing in jersey to prepare. over to you. >> good morning to you. one of the biggest problems we're having here in ocean city, new jersey with the beautiful day is convincing people, the tourists here, that they do need to take this oncoming storm seriously. one of the things that the ocean city crews are doing this morning to prepare for the rain that is expected here tomorrow is that the crews, as you can see with the diggers over there, are clearing out the outflow pipes. they're doing that because they're expecting rain in the neighborhood. so they want to make sure that water can get back out to the ocean so there is no flooding because they say they worry about the water in the town and
8:35 am
the winds whipping around. the other thing that is a minor concern is that this is one of the weeks where they're pretty low on staff in terms of beach patrol. a lot of the lifeguards have gone back to class, either as college students or teachers. so right now the head of the life patrol, the lifeguard patrol is calling all the schools trying to get those teachers and college students to get back here. the plan right now is to let people in the water, but only waist high. only knee high if they see some of these rip tides getting higher and more dangerous. as i say, they are going to let them into the water today and tomorrow during the rain. what they are trying to tell people, bottom line, is to make sure they watch the weather service, watch fox news channel, watch our local fox affiliate so that if the weather changes, they know about it in time to get back home to the philadelphia suburbs. back to you in new york. >> gretchen: all right. thanks very much for those comprehensive reports and we will be on high alert here all day today and tomorrow.
8:36 am
>> brian: it will be extremely danger dangerous for lifeguards. >> eric: they will be fishing people out all weekend long. very dangerous. the usual labor day traffic is expected to be even heavier thanks to stimulus projects. there are more than 12,000 road construction projects underway right now. highway officials plan to get this, take off work early on friday and stay off the job until tuesday. >> gretchen: one of the 33 trapped miners may not even want to get rescued. why? because this woman apparently has -- he apparently has two women waiting for him. his wife and mistress. during a candlelight vigil, both women were crying for the same guy. that's how his wife discovered there was a mistress. despite it all, his wife says she will take him back when he's freed, which as we all know, may not be until christmas time. which is no laughing matter. however, that's one heck of a way to find out there is a
8:37 am
mistress. >> brian: when you get trapped, is that the first thing you are thinking of, like oh, oh, what if they both show up? >> gretchen: no, i think he was thinking about food and water. maybe fresh air. >> eric: that's the second thing. >> gretchen: yeah. let's talk more about the mosque at ground zero. the proposed mosque. a little more information now coming out about the imam who wants to build that mosque. imam rauf. eric, you went on a mission yesterday. what did you find out? >> apparently he owns several buildings in union city, new jersey. he's defaulted on up to $2 million worth of loans. look at the conditions that the people are living in. they're renting these apartments from this imam rauf, or his group, his investment group and they have asked for these things to be fixed, like the leaky ceiling. bathroom water coming from the second floor into their apartment. she's got a baby in there. for 16 years, you guys. not only that, we always follow
8:38 am
the money. we asked do you pay with a check? she said no. we have to pay cash or money orders and that is very shady. so the bottom line is the main stream media portrays this guy as this moderate muslim, good guy, out to make sure that this ground zero mosque is a place of worship and nothing else. look what the background on this guy is. these people say, hey, we've been asking for years for a little help and he says we have no money. he's going to put a $100 million mosque at ground zero. >> we have a leaky creeling and it's full of water. they don't care. the floors, i cleaned the floor up three times already. they don't do anything. we also have water through the light bulb in the kitchen. the windows, they don't lock. and like the heaters in the
8:39 am
winter, they don't work that good. we hardly have any hot water. like, we have hot water for two minutes and sometimes for three or four days without hot water. >> eric: that was just one tenant. there were others waiting to tell us their stories. the building next door burned down in 2008. it's still abandoned and there is a sign saying, unsafe living conditions. >> brian: that's incredible and on top of that, don't these people have any rights as renters? can't they get a bill? >> eric: while we were there, the inspector and mayor owes office showed up and said, we're gog take care of this. i said, now? these poor people have been living like this for years. >> gretchen: one of the other big questions about the mosque has been who is going to pay for it and how is this funding -- how are they going to raise $100 million? well, it's coming out now that apparently many years ago back in the '90s that this imam and his wife, daisy, were able to get what's known as church status for an apartment on the upper west side. >> brian: a one bedroom
8:40 am
apartment! >> gretchen: what does church status means? it is more than just an exemption. it means never having to pay tax, file returns or reveal the sources of a congregation's money or how it spent it. why is that important when it comes to the mosque at ground zero? because many people want to know -- they want to follow the money. they want to see where this money is coming from in case it could possibly be coming from radical groups. >> brian: he already owes the city money. he says that one bedroom apartment has been tax free and scrutiny free and it allows 500 people to worship there a day. you can't get three people in a one bedroom apartment to wore shop without getting in each other's way! >> eric: he's looking for the city to give him the rubber stamp of a church status for the mosque which means tax free municipal bonds, which means it will be easier for them to raise money at the expense of new york city. we're bailing out new york city on the federal level. >> brian: it's an islamic learning center with a pool. how can they declare themselves
8:41 am
a church? they can't have it both ways. >> gretchen: apparently if you do any kind of worshiping, you can declare a church status. >> brian: let's go pray off the diving board. can we do that? are you kidding? >> gretchen: we'll have to see now that there is more investigation going on. to a story that was a huge debate on "fox & friends" about three or four weeks ago. that is ladies night and whether or not it should be allowed to continue. many people said, look, it's sexist, it's discrimination when ladies get a beer for a buck instead of two bucks. my argument has always been that, hey, if you have ladies night, don't guys like that? don't they like to come to the bar when it's ladies night 'cause there are more ladies? >> brian: gretchen, it's about what's right and wrong. >> gretchen: yeah, right. >> eric: don't we have enough rules? can't a guy open a bar and say thursday night is ladies night? >> brian: the answer is yes. >> gretchen: a federal court, ladies, a federal court has said, it is absolutely fine!
8:42 am
>> brian: here is what bothers me about this story, these women are laughing in our face. going, ha, ha, ha, we pay less. >> eric: by the way, all single guys are like brian, ixnay. >> gretchen: they are. last time i checked, when you own a private business, you can do pretty much whatever you want, i think. coming up on the show, john stossel, by certain law -- why certain laws sound great when pitched, but cost businesses things they never expect. >> brian: putting an end to paper records. >> we all know the health care bill is loaded with pork. but wait until you find out what else the government wants you to pay for. here is a hint. it's something your local pizza delivery does without a subsidy. another chapter of it's all your money coming up.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> brian: health care reform is
8:46 am
bringing a change to medical record keeping by getting rid of all the paper. but what will it cost you? now more from los angeles with the taxpayer calculator. william? >> who should pay for doctors and hospitals to join the 21st century, something banks and airlines already do? you or the medical industry, the health care reform bill contains $19 billion to help providers convert your paper records to computer records. critics say not our problem. supporters say, to save money, you have to spend it. that includes going digital. going to the doctor is going paperless. as new obama administration rules require hospitals and physicians to convert millions of patient files to digital records. >> a big part of where the government is going is to try and make the data flow more freely amongst providers and hospitals so that your data goes with you instead of staying with hospital or the doctor.
8:47 am
>> the new mandate applies to health information, beginning with the patient's weight, prescriptions and allergies. the result are lower costs. better care, and improved safety. >> it will make sure any medicines that are prescribed for them don't contradict with current medicines they're on. those are things that i would have had to remember to do when i was doing things on paper. now the computer reminds me each time to make sure we don't forget something. >> to help defray the cost, the feds will hand out $19 billion in stimulus money. the providers who meet the deadline also get higher federal reimbursements. for up to five years. those who don't make the switch by 2015 get docked up to 3%. some worry that smaller or rural hospitals can't afford the penalty. lack up front money to make the transition. >> it doesn't pay for the cost of putting it in or running it. but it does help defray a little of that cost and you don't get it back until a few years after you have it in. >> there is also concerns about
8:48 am
privacy so hospitals are encrypting this information. now, how much will the $19 billion cost you? log on to and type in your income at the calculator. if you make under $15,000, this conversion will cost you about a buck. if you make 30 to 50 k, it's going to cost you $31. if you make 100 to $200,000, it will cost you 237. and if you make more than $250,000, it will cost you two grand. you can also vote and tell congress if you think this is a wise use of your money. brian, it's all on we will be spending $27 billion of our money over the next decade on these new systems. not a bad idea. the question is, really should you be paying for it again? >> brian: the whole privacy issue comes into play here as well. let me just say with your graphs, the color pencils are
8:49 am
way worth it. johns tole and why certain laws sound great when they're pitched but cost you a lot of money. first let's check in with martha mccallum for what's on her show beginning at the top of the hour. how are you? >> i'm well. good morning. thank you very much. larry sabato is south with a whopper of a prediction about the midterm elections and we have larry right here in america's newsroom to tell us firsthand. also steve forbes is here. we'll talk about the new jobs numbers today. his answer to the question that i asked him last week, is the white house starting to think about extending all the bush tax cuts? that's coming up.
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
>> gretchen: let's go back to 1990 because congress passed the
8:53 am
americans with disabilities act that year. is it doing the american public an american business owners more harm than good? that's the topic on tonight's episode of stossel. joining us right now is the host, john stossel. >> i would argue it's doing the disabled more harm than good. all these laws mean well. we like the idea of helping disabled people and it was happening -- >> brian: ramps in bathrooms. >> and people were getting that stuff. but you think a law that would specifically require that would be a really good thing. but what's learned in your consumer reporting is these laws always have unintended consequences and often they are worse than the good the law was supposed to do. >> the americans with disabilities act, here it is. the law and its rules are hundreds of pages long. it's all in here. you can understand sentences like, letters and numbers on signs shall have a width to height ratio of three to five
8:54 am
and a one to one and ratio between one to five and one to ten. what? and if you think that's bad, you also have to check your doors. interior hinge doors must be five ldf, 22.2 n. do you even know what that means? i didn't either. turns out n stands for newton and newton is equal to kilograms by meters divided by second squared. got that? >> gretchen: all right. it's confusing. right? >> nobody understands it. so the complaints keep going up, the suits keep going up and the main purpose was to get more disabled people into the workplace. so what's happened 20 years later? 10% fewer of the disabled are working because people are worried about this graph you just put up, that the disabled person is going to sue. file complaints and those cost $100,000 in legal fees. >> gretchen: a couple of weeks ago on this show, in clear water
8:55 am
beach, florida, i believe, we were doing a story about how a lifeguard tower had to put in an elevator because of the ada. and it seemed -- unfortunately somebody who is handicapped probably can't be a lifeguard. >> but you can't be sure. ymca's have been sued because they saiyou're deaf, we don't want you to be a lifeguard. >> eric: i talked about thisnd i said one of the most aggrating thgs is when you pull up to a convenience store and someone pulls up, puts their handicapped sticker thing on there, and runs out and is great shape, buy has cup of coffee, runs back to his car and takes off. is this one of those laws of unintended consequences? >> i think that's one of the small ones. there are far worse ones. colleges use kindles to save money on textbooks. the justice department sued them saying it's unfair to the blind who can't read the kindle. so then nobody gets i >> gretchen: wow.
8:56 am
okay. the whole entire show you're dedicating to this exact topic. >> i'm sick about that as we pass these new 1,000 page bills. they have no idea what the consequences will be. no wonder employers don't hire. >> brian: that's why you have to pass it to find out what's in it. we're going to watch stossel at 9:00 o'clock and 12:00 o'clock in the morning. promise on the "fox business" network. i have it now. cable vision picked it up. >> gretchen: whewe come back, we'll have more "fox friends" and our sendoff to brian kill need for his golf withresident bush and the cma festival. here is rascal flats.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
♪ . >> gretchen: the big day for brian kilmeade is tomorrow. he's going to play golf with former president george

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